H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 3 juni 2013

Prague part 2

Where did I left off? Oh yes, at Amade restaurant.

Well what did we do more? We went, of course, to the Charles bridge from the 14th century. It's just beautiful, full with statues and majestic gates in each ends. On the bridge I got to think of all of those who has gone there before us. Think 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th century. What that bridge must have seen. Women in long dresses, maybe horsedriven coaches, maybe lovers. The fantasty really got going there.

 Hasse with views on town and close to our hotel
 Jazzband playing on the bridge
 A newly wed couple by river Moldau and a lot of swans
The organ-grinder

There were a jazzband playing, an organ-grinder, dressed in clothes from old days, with a monkey (not real). A man playing glasses. Lots of painters and paintings for sale as well as crafts. Everywhere you went there were something to look at. And then I haven't even spoke about the views!
Stunning views of the Prague castle. Did you know the palace area is 70 000 square meters which makes it the biggest ancient castle in the world?(according to Guiness book of records)

Of course you pass over river Moldau when crossing. A big river where there are a lot of cruising boats taking tourists around while eating or digging music on board.

On the castleside of the bridge it's very beautiful and it even has canals between the houses there. And of course there are a padlock bridge. I saw the same in Riga when we were there last year. It is newlyweds that comes here and they close a padlock on the bridge to make the marriage last and not unlock.

We ate lunch on this side at a Mc Donalds. I know - that is horrible while in this beautiful city but we had walked a lot and were hungry and this was the easiest way. But Jo, you wouldn't have wanted to go there. It cost 10 Coronas to go to the bathroom!!! Even here, I thought it was just Sweden.
 We don't know what this was but everyone touched it and so did we. See how golden it is after all strokes :-)
 Hasse with the bridge
Me with one of the tourist boats in the background

Then we celebrated our 28th anniversary which is June 8 but since I'm on the Rheumatic union meeting in Sundsvall then we decided to celebrate here.

So we went to the no 1 restaurant in Prague, Bellevue, which was very close to our hotel. With a beautiful view of the Moldau river and if you sat at the right table views of the castle.
 The view from our table
Us sitting under the sun :-)

We were greated and seated within minutes. Then came a waiter with wet, warm towels so we could wash our hands. Then the next waiter came and asked if we wanted something to drink and we decided we would have a glass champagne. Very good but it was the most expensive I have ever had. One glas cost 165 SEK which in $ would be something like 25 $.
Then the next waiter came and took our orders. I had the veal fillet with truffle crest, potatoe puré, carrots and caramalised red onion. Everything cooked to perfection.
Hasse took Atlantic cod with safron potatoes and champagne sauce.
I had a Tjeck white wine out of Pinot Gris grapes and Hasse had, of course, beer.
 My veal
 Hasse's Atlantic cod

For dessert Hasse had homemade apple strudel with caramelfoam and walnutsauce and I had their famous fondant with chocolate "tsunami". Oh, my G that was good!! The best fondant I've ever had, including my own ;-)
 Hasse's apple strudel
My fondant with the "tsunami"

Even the toilet was worth a visit. Extremely big toilets, very fresh, terry towel and a fresh soap and handlotion. And it was free!

We had great weather really but on Thursday when it was time to go home it started raining and it has been raining ever since apparantly.

It was nice to be back home again but my Mom hasn't been well so I had to go down and see her which I did during the weekend. When I came to her she had a fever and I called the nurse so she could have some medicine. They have changed almost all personnal and they don't know Mom and because of that they don't know when she's ill. They thought she had given up and she hadn't been fed in two days!! The nurse on call is someone who knows Mom and she saw the same as I. She called me later on Sunday and said Mom had started eating again which makes me happy because that is what she needs.

Today work as usual and we had a fun day with a new employee and BBQ for lunch :-)