H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 2 juni 2013

Back home after a wonderful week in Prague

Prague part 1.

Yes, we had wonderful days in Prague with gorgeous weather except the last day when it rained heavily.

When we arrived we were met at the airport by our driver who took us to our hotel in a Mercedes limo. On the way in to town you could see how beautiful the surroundings were. There are lots of parks just outside the city center.

The hotel, Pachtuv Palace, the former residence of Earl Karel Pachta, is a cultural and architectural landmark of Prague. It's made of 2 different palaces, one baroque-style built around a superb 18th century courtyard, the other one classical, with apartments overlooking the river and Prague's castle.
 Hasse and one of the cow sculptures :-)
 Hasse in one of the courtyards. Amazing and beautiful
 One part of the hotel. Imposing, don't you think?
 Lion fountin in the other courtyard
 One of all the sculptures in the courtyards
 Hasse on the landing. We actually accessed our room from outside this landing.
Our suite is the balcony below the white cow(!)

Pachtuv Palace was originally built in 1770 by architect Jan Josef Ulrch, for the Pachta family. It replaced a previous Palace that once belonged to the emperor Ferdinand II. It is typical of baroque architecture with its ornamental main gate, sculptured stairs and balconies.

In the middle of the 19th century, a classical Palace, Jiraskuv, was built on the riverside and connected to Pachtuv Palace.

Pachtuv Palace is closely linked with the most famous names of music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a Prague fan, resided, composed and played there. He first came for a party and found himself “imprisoned” in a music salon for a few hours by Earl Pachta, who wanted his “Six Dances” order composed. In 1832, Wagner also resided in Pacthuv Palace.

The first day out on town we got lost. Yes you read right. It's kind of a small town but there were so many little streets and alleys and besides the language wasn't like anything else so we didn't understand a thing :-)
Anyway, we got to see a lot, more than we should maybe so after over 4 hours walking we were so tired. Hasse could hardly breath and I had so much pain in my feet joints. So we went back to the hotel and almost instantly fell asleep :-)
 A beautiful view
 T-Fords for sightseeing
 The world famous astronomic clock in Old Town
 Crowd waiting for the clock to strike
 Beautiful, beautiful facades

 My feet on the meridian on Prague's Old Town square
 Me and Hasse on the square
 Beautiful theatre which has been seen in quite a few movies
And from the side
At night we tried the hotel restaurant, Amade, which was very good and had a great service. It was also here we ate our breakfasts.

Amade, restaurant
To be continued........