H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 20 augusti 2016

1000 miles with Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee

Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee - Highway to hell

Me and Hasse were at the Hadirajafestival today which is a festival that Erik Gronwall is arranging. He is also performing with an acustic set together with Jona. This is great I think and their two voices blend beautifully together. I will place a couple more videos here for you to enjoy :-)

lördag 6 augusti 2016

Utan dina andetag - Without your breath

Matilda sings this beautiful song - without your breath together with Peter and the choir. The lyrics says in the chorus: 

I can't even walk
without your air in my lungs
I can't even stand
if you doesn't watch
What would I be 
without your breath

Utan dina andetag - without your breath

Break free / Freedom

I''m sorry I didn't get the whole song but I couldn't sit still more and I needed to clap so this is what you get. This is Peter Johansson in Sankt Anna church in Ostergotland in Sweden.
To go here each summer has become a tradition and it's so nice. Like a mini-vacation.

söndag 31 juli 2016

Bad, bad Mia

On July 9 I promised I would write more frequent - now it's July 30 and I haven't written since.
So bad Mia. But on the other hand you may take it as I have had a lot of fun and haven't had time.
Isn't vacation all about relaxing, doing things you want to but don't have the time to do the rest of the year. Or rather you probably have the time but then there are so many "musts" that you don't take the time.
For me at least it is like that. When I work I go up at 4AM, starts working at 5.15AM and are home again around 3PM. By then I'm exhausted and I just crash in the sofa in front of TV and instantly falls asleep for around 20 minutes. Then on to cooking and other stuff. Go to bed by 9PM to be able to go up at 4AM and so it goes.

So when I'm on vacation I just want to take it as it comes but I also wants to do things, se things, experience things but without stress and pressure.

So what did I do then? Well, I went to Malmo July 10 and stayed at a marvellous rather new hotel with breathtaking views over the sea and Denmark. I will for sure stay there again - Hotel Malmo
I visited my Mom's cousin, 88 years young, and I took us to Ystad (rented a car) and along the coastline to Trelleborg before heading back to Malmo. This coastal way is just beautiful! You drive alongside the sea on the left and rolling hills on the right. Went back home Wednesday night.

The day after I had mother-son day with Danniel and he had no idea where we were going. We headed to Mariefred which is the most beautiful little town with a magnificent castle - Gripsholm's castle. We stayed at the Gripsholm's Inn which dates back to 1409 where there was a convent here founded by munks from Germany. But first we went to visit with old friends that we haven't seen for many years, but who we went to Austria with for many years. So nice to meet them and sit and chat about old memories :-) Danniel also really appreciated it. Then a lovely dinner at the Inn before a good night sleep in De luxe rooms (one each). Next day we went to the "Cake Castle" in Taxinge and had a selection of their famous cookies and cakes.

That weekend I stayed home(!) because Monday 18 we went to "our"hotel Elite Marina Tower for 3 days stay and this time with our friends A and J. I had booked a suite for me and Hasse a long time ago when I got a very favorable offer ( I hadn't booked the suite otherwise). Our friends later decided to join us and they had a DeLuxe seaview (that actually cost more than ours despite my 25% off).
After a wonderful dinner at the hotel, a good nights sleep and a delicious breakfast it was time to take the boat (yes you go by boat here in Stockholm if you can instead of bus or subway) to Nybrokajen where our next boat waited to take us on a cruise in the archipelago. It was just a lovely tour. On the way out to Gustavsberg we had a very good lunch with warm smoked salmon, fresh potatoes, remoulad sauce and vegetables. After a 2 hour journey with lots of things to see, we had a guide onboard who told us about the things we passes, we arrived in Gustavsberg where an old porcelin fabrique is situated. It's very famous, and here's a link to Gustavsberg's porcelin
We also had time to buy some "fikabrod" (sweets to the coffee) and then we once again entered the boat and found places on the aft deck where we had our coffee and sat for the whole journey home. We once again had dinner at the hotel just becuase it's so good and the view is great.

I don't have time to write more today. Need to shower, pack my things for work and yes my vacation is over so I work tomorrow and Tuesday - then I'm off on new adventures. I hope it doesn't take as long to write next time .

Have a good day and be nice to one another.

lördag 9 juli 2016

It's official - my vacation is here

What a wonderful start to my vacation. Yesterday me, Hasse and Emil were so excited about the nice weather that we decided to do a little excursion. I wanted to go by boat in lake Malaren to Drottningholm but H and E didn't want to go by boat but they did want to go to Drottningholm.
Emil couldn't remember if he had ever been there. Me and Hasse haven't been there for, I think, almost 30 years.

We had the most glorious day which started with some "fika" (coffe with a bun) in the castle café when we arrived. Strenghten by the coffee we started our tour. We didn't went inside but just watched the castle from the outside and walked in the beautiful garden.

Drottningholm's castle is actually the castle where our King and Queen lives and now also Prince Carl-Philip, Princess Sofia and little prince Alexander. What a wonderful enviroment for them.
Parts of the park is therefore not allowed for us to enter and there are guards watching the castle and also walking the grounds.

Beautiful plantings, trimmed hedges and several beautiful fountins can be seen in the big garden. This castle and garden was thought to be like a Swedish Versailles and you can see the influences.

 Then we walked all the way down to the China castle which is a beautiful summer castle built in 1753 and was a birthday gift to Queen Lovisa Ulrika from her husband King Adolf Fredrik.

The last photo here of Emil and Hasse on the bench I just love! They look so happy and relaxed and that was just what this excursion was.  After walking for a couple of hours we were exhausted and hungry so I suggested a lunch at restaurant Jungfrusund just by the Marina and we sat on the bridge and had a wonderful meal before heading home very happy and satisfied. Great way to start my vacation.

Today has been a quiet day. I have packed because I'm going to Malmo, Scania tomorrow and will be there until Tuesday. I will meet my Mom's cousin as I alwasy do in summer. I'm so looking forward to that.

I hope you all have a good Saturday and I will try to write more frequent now ;-)

måndag 4 juli 2016

July is here with high summer and vacation but not just yet....

I have to work this week and then it's holiday time :-)

I only have 3 days this week to do everything at work like invoicing, wages and more and on top on that I (silly me since I do the schedule) had the Monday lunch today. 

And as I put photos on Facebook there has been a demand to get the recipe so OK I will place it here as well because it's not many of you that will receive our cookbook. 
This is an example from 2014. It's called at 11 o'clock with us and that is because we always eat lunch at 11AM.

The recipe for Teriyaki chicken with potatoe roll and salat.

Serve 4 people
The dish presented on a plate

4 chicken fillets
1 dl teriyakisauce with ginger and sesam seed
black pepper 
oil or butter to fry

Split each chicken fillet leangthwise into 2 parts. Place the chicken in the marinade  and let it sit for at least a couple of hours.
Then fry the chicken fillets to nice color. Place in an ovenproof dish and place ni the oven until done (around 20 minutes)

This is 3 potatoe rolls which serves 12. I had chicken for 16 and most of everything was gone  We were 9 that ate.

Potatoe roll
1 roll of puff pastry (or do it yourself, easypeasy)
600 g potatoes (firm kind, not mashy)
2 garlic cloves, pressed
150 g feta cheese
chopped thyme
butter to fry in

Peal and grate the potatoes coarsely. Fry potatoes, garlic and thyme slightly. Let it cool.  Roll out the puff pastry, place the potatoes, salt, crumble the feta cheese over, cut a bit of thyme, roll together not tight. Place the roll on a plate with greaseproof paper and brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle sea salt and chopped thyme over. 
Bake in a pre heated oven 225C (which is 437F)

Slice the potatoe roll in 4 pieces and serve with the chicken, extra teriyaki sauce, creme fraiche and a nice salat.

I'm sorry I'm writing in English but it is so my American family also can understand. PM me on Facebook if there is something you don't understand :-)

Good luck!

And of course a big HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to my American family and friends.


lördag 25 juni 2016

50 year celebration in Dalarna and Midsummer

The hotel or rather B&B

Last weekend we went to the beautiful little hamlet Svardsjo in Dalarna to celebrate Gunilla who turned 50 (in January but since it's so cold then she wanted to have the party in the summer).
We were 24 people gathered, all the closest family members, which was Hasse (father), Gittan (mother), me (current wife), Staffan (current husband to Gittan), Gunilla (of course), her sambo Per, Gunillas 3 girls Lisa, Malin and Klara with their spouses, Malin also have two girls (our great grandchildren). Then Staffan (son), Lena (his spouse) and their 3 children Linnea, Henrik and Oskar with their spouses and of course our own Jonas with his sambo Mandy and Emil.
Beautiful setting

We had booked room at a little hotel, more B&B, by the lake Svardsjon and the only ones in the hotel were we! So we owned it :-) So nice and very picturesque, chicken happily picking around in the garden (and their egg we had for breakfast). 

The days started with games. There were quiz, jumping the frogs, throwing boots, running with potatoe in a spoon, running with balloons between members in a team, throwing balls to throw down a pyramide of plastic glasses (more difficult than it sounds) and also a music quiz.

Breakfast with the family 
We had a wonderful dinner, lots of singing during dinner and games. All in all a wonderful day and night. Because it really doesn't get dark this time of the year so at 1.30AM the young ones went for a bath in the lake. They said it was around 18C in the water. 

Next morning the whole clan gathered in the sunshine on the veranda to have breakfast together before we all went home to our different places. A wonderful weekend filled with laughter, singing and good food. It's not easy to gather everyone at the same time.

Elin and Emil and folk dance
Hasse at the viking village

Folk dance
Yesterday we celebrated Midsummer Eve with all traditional stuff that goes with it. Dancing around the May Pole, doing the "Small frogs" and other silly but fun dancing and singing. Then home for some food. Emil's girl is gluten intolerant so I had to adjust the food slightly. We had hot smoked salmon with fresh dill boiled potatoes, asparagus mousse, herb sauce and Västerbotten pie (without the crust) and to that a fresh green salat. Linnea and Hasse wanted herring but none of us other likes it.
For dessert I made a meringue cake with a layer of lemon curd mixed with whipped cream and topped with fresh strawberries and grated chocolate, then another meringue and on top of that whipped cream, lots of strawberries, grated chocolate and also chocolate cakes (Noblesse) around it. Very good.

After the main course and before dessert the youngsters went outside for a game of kubb. The girls won, or so they said.
 All in all a wonderful Midsummer's Eve!

Beautiful place by the sea where we had our dessert. 
Today me and Helen went to Vaxholm hotel for lunch. I wanted to go to the sea because we have had +34C here today and it's so hot. And as you know we don't have AC so it's rather nice driving around in the car, which has AC.
Me and Helen at Vaxholm's hotel
After the lunch we went to a little café beautifully set by the sea and of course there were so many there on a day like this so we had to wait for a table to be free. But finally we got one and had our dessert which was a lemon cake. It was so nice to spend quality time with my sis and although we live in the same city it's hard when we both work and are so busy. She's like me involved in a lot of other stuff than work. For instance she's now chairwomen in her housing society.
The fort at Vaxholm called Kastellet

This is actually a steamboat
Ah well, now I'm going to relax and watch some TV before I try to get some sleep. It will be late when it maybe has cooled off.

Take care and be nice to one another!

fredag 10 juni 2016

Long, long time overdue....long post

I just saw that I haven't written since February 17 and now it's June 10. Wow, shame on me and where did that time go?

February was filled with annual meetings and interviews. I helped my sister recruit a dentist nurse to the clinic and I found a perfect match. I had 35 applications and she was the one I felt was right just by reading her CV. So now she has been working with my sis for 2 months and they both (and the others at the clinic) are very happy.

Then it was annual board meeting at my work and I was elected to the board which really is something big and shows a big appreciation for my work.

March was Easter month and of course a couple of dinners here at home with the boys and Mandy.
Jonas was on a European and Swedish tour with Martina Edoff. He also went to Milan for a concert with the band TREAT. 
Easter dinner with the boys, Helen and her family

Pie for dessert

One major thing that really took all my "extra" time from January was planning Hasse's 75th surprise birthday party which Jonas and I started talking about in January. When March came it was full on. A lot to do. We had rented the venue. Then I made the programs and printed them, the seeting for the dinner, talking to the caterer, talking to everyone invited (which I did through a secret group on Facebook) and telling them to not say a word to Hasse. His birthday is April 7  and on the day he actually got some flowers and birthday greeting cards as well as some phone calls.
Hasse with children and some of the grandchildren
It's very hard catching Danniel on photo but here he is sitting in a white t-shirt beside Johan who is standing up.

The dinner table and us

Helping Hasse opening presents

Jonas and Mandy

Saturday April 9 the plan was set in motion. I had tricked him to go to Emil because Emil needed some "help with the washing" and I told him that some of the children and grandchildren would come and celebrate him from Gavle. I told him I wanted to be alone and prepare the food and be home by 3PM. Of course he wasn't to come home. Emil had instructions. I had previously packed nice clothes for Hasse to change to when he came. All guests were told to be there by 3PM but before that my sis, Jonas, Mandy and Lena (who came from Gavle 8AM and had to stay at Jonas until they all could come) came and helped me decorate and set the table. By 3PM we were all gathered and I had texted Emil that they could come. He asked if he could drive and of course he could but when they were supposed to turn left Emil continued straight ahead and Hasse said: where are you going, we have to go home! But Emil said; It was so long since I drove here so I just wanted to see. And so they went and suddenly Hasse see's my car and that was just outside the venue and only then he started to realise something was going on. I met him at the door and he, quite angry because he didn't want a lot of fuss (or so he thought) said: What have you done?
I just said that's it's cool and just follow me. He said he didn't have any nice clothes and I said: chill it will all work out.
So when he entered the big hall he was given a glass of champagne and everyone (35) started singing Happy birthday. And yes he teared up and so did I.
When he and Emil went to change clothes I had prepared a quiz about Hasse and the year he was born 1941, to keep the guests entertained. Meanwhile I, Helen and Lena started to put the food on the table as well as wine and everything else.
Then it was time for dinner - grilled pork fillet with potatoegratain, chantarelle sauce, salat and bread. For dessert we just had Hasse's favorite cake which is White Lady
We sang a lot during dinner and afterwards, since there are a lot of musicians among our family and friends, pianoplaying, singing and very good mood. Hasse never wanted to go home! He was so frustrated that he hadn't had a clue. He still today says that - I was so fooled.
Anyway that was one big thing in April but also Jonas turned 31, I got a raise and the next big thing was the trip I had planned, organised and booked to Oslo with my work. It was such a success and I must say I really loved Oslo. The people were so friendly, the hotel gorgeous (so much that I will return in September-October for 4 days) and although I couldn't attend all activities I had a great time. I also met, which was the first time in 20 years, a couple of very good friends on Aker bridge. I heard someone shouting Mia and I turned around and there they were. We had a lovely afternoon on the roof top bar at my hotel. To end the month of April we went to Gavle. Me to take Lena and Gunilla to the theatre for a musical concert with my friend Viktoria Tocca and more. It was a magic night.
My friends that I met for the first time in 20 years
Me on the roof of the Oslo operahouse

May - Just 5 days into the month our second great grandchild a little girl, Ebba, was born.
Emil turned 29 on May 9 . Hasse and I went on a luxury cruise to Helsinki and on board we saw the musical Grease. We had of course a commodore cabin with balcony (suite) which I love. The weather wasn't on our side though. Also Tristan in SLC graduated with honors and I sent him a gift card to Amazon.com. It's so sad they are so far away. It's not like you can hop on a plane and fly there to congratulate. It's a little bit too far for that.

And now we have June. Hasse and I went to Norrtalje to our friends for lunch last Friday. It was a gorgeous day and we sat outside in the sunshine overlooking the sea.

On Wednesday I removed a "flärp" a thing that shouldn't be where it was, in my face close to the eye.

Next weekend we are going to Svardsjo in Dalarna to celebrate Gunilla's 50th birthday. We will stay at a hotel since she can't have all of us in the house. I will keep my fingers crossed for nice weather.

Oh, I just forgot - Jonas also went to Australia with Erik Grönwall and performed on a Melodic rock festival in Melbourne. It was his first visit down under and I think now he has been to all continents of the world. It was a 31 hour flight though which is rather tiresome.

Jonas and Erik acustic set Melbourne

Ah well that is all for now. I will try to better myself writing and maybe as the vacation gets closer maybe I will have some time to write. Now I'm so tired that I priority resting and sleeping.

Take care of each other and enjoy what you have .

onsdag 17 februari 2016

Dentist appointment

Last week one of my teeth broke or I think it's a crown that just broke down. Luckily I didn't swallow it but felt it and could take it out.
So I called my dentist who is my sister so tomorrow I will see her and hopefully get it mended.

It's a bad time now with everything going on - meetings, annual meetings, budget meetings and more.
I'm getting real tired also with my stupid leg that won't heal like I want it to.

Otherwise it's nice. We had a couple of weeks with nice weather, that is without snow and you could almost taste spring but then, of course, we got a setback last Thursday. Snow, cold and we still have it. So we have to wait a long time yet for spring.

Other than that nothing much happens (not that I can share here anyway)

Well, I have started watching the last season of American Idol and I must say there are some very good singers this year. It will be interesting to follow them. I liked last week and this when they bring back old Idols to sing duets with this year's Idols. And I love the arena they are at, beautiful.

Looking forward to the Oscar's as well since we have a Swedish actress nominated - Alicia Vikander. She won the SAG award for her role in Danish girl. Well done.

Now I really have to work so I sign out and wish you all a wonderful day wherever you are.

As always - Take care and be nice to one another!

torsdag 11 februari 2016

Toilet trouble

Yesterday when I got home from work Hasse met me in the door telling me we didn't have a WC downstairs. It had broken! No water and we couldn't flush. And you can't have that. It's like having a outhouse inside your house, not very nice.

So I tried calling plumbers last night but of course they had finished for the day. I contacted firms that have WC:s and that offers installation but the earliest they could help us was after 2 weeks. Can't be without it that long.

So this morning I started calling plumbers again and after 7 calls (who didn't have time until next week) I found one not far from us that actually had a great offer. The WC (on the photo) with complete installation for 5 500 SEK (617 USD) and they will come TOMORROW! I'm happy.

Can you believe how important it is with a WC. You just take it for granted when it works.
We do have another toilet upstairs but when I have as much pain as I have right now it's hard to go upstairs and I can't do that 10 days a day or how frequent you go.

And on Sunday it's Valentine's Day. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's and I wish I could be with all my loved ones but it's impossible. 

Take care and be nice to each other 

söndag 7 februari 2016

...and then it was February

I thought the year started in a nice and slow pace but now it's full steam ahead again :-)

February is full of closing the books, auditing, annual meetings, being chairwoman and secretary at annual meetings, birthdays and more. 

Today is actually my father's birthday and his namesday, Ricardo, so I say happy birthday and send it up to heaven.
Friday Klara our grandchild turned 20, next Monday it's Danniel's birthday and the day after my niece Bianca's birthday (currently living in Australia). HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each and everyone of you!

We have had very cold weather, that came from Russia, but now it's nicer, the snow has melted and today in the sun we even have temperatures around 8C. 

It has also been a time with lots of pain. It started in December already with my left leg that hurt. And it has gradually gotten worse. It's now located to my knee which has been really swollen and hurting.
I have tried cycling on my exercise bike but it got worse. I have an appointment with my Dr but not until March 2 because he's on holiday in Mexico.
I have also had very bad pain in my back, right side very high up. No idea what that is and I have never had it before. Is it supposed to be like this when you grow older? Not very nice!
I can't walk like I want to and the best thing is to rest but when I don't move as I usually do I gain weight which I hate!! So right now I'm in a bad spiral.

I do hope this goes away as the weather improves and gets warmer. If you have rheumatism it's bad with cold weather for your joints, as you maybe know.

There is a lot of flu, colds, stomachflu going here too and we have had our share of that too. I hope everyone that has been affected of this is better or beginning to get better.

I wish you all a good Sunday whether it's morning or afternoon or evening where you are.

Take care and be nice to one another.

onsdag 13 januari 2016

Christmas gift

For Christmas I got a giftcard to Amazon.com from my sister Jo.
It was a real treat to go to the site, explore and find something to buy. There are so many things there and it's hard to choose. For me, leaving in Sweden, it's a bit easier. I just cross the square that says "ships to Sweden" and I get all the things I can order.

My choice was Bliss socks and a big bottle of Dermalogica body cream. They came today and I'm so happy. So once again a big thank you big sis for the generous gift.


lördag 9 januari 2016

Lot of traveling but not for me

Our yard with snow, photo by me
It seems like everyone we know is going somewhere to a warmer climate. Well, I can't blame them. We have had rather chilly weather with snow the last week.

Wednesday Gunilla and her Per took off to Jamaica, Montego Bay for 14 days. She will celebrate her 50th birthday there (but the party will be in June)

Then yesterday my niece went to Australia for a year. She will live and work there and she has a friend who will also do the same. It's better when they are two, a bit safer.

Tomorrow Jonas and Mandy fly to Fort Lauderdale for 3 nights, then they fly to Tulum in Mexico for 14 days and then back to Florida before they come home again.

Another grandchild graduates now in January and takes her Master of Engineering after 5 1/2 years of studies at Uppsala university. After that she and her boyfriend takes off to Sri Lanka for vacation before starting working.

And I also have relatives in Thailand.

But I stick to this cold and snow. Well, I don't have any choice since it's so much work now in January and February with closing of the books etc.

Jamaica, photo Per Drewes

onsdag 6 januari 2016


A New year has begun but before that we had Christmas.
Fireworks from our balcony. Hard to get good photos and a sense of how many there were
New Year's dinner - main course

I started my holiday on December 22 so I had a chance to fix all the things you need to do before you can celebrate. Like shopping for everything you need to prepare the food like the most important - the ham. Then to make the meatballs, the spareribs, the ham, the Christmas porridge and everything else you need.
Ready for Christmas Eve

Father and sons with some glogg

On Christmas Eve we were just the boys and us. Mandy worked and then she was at her sisters house.
We had a very nice time together and very traditionally. Helen and her family had gone on a cruise from Barcelona to Maroc and the Canary islands so they weren't here.
We had Secret Santa and I got a wonderful warm grey scarf.
Our Christmas tree

Some of the Christmas smorgasbord

The next morning we all went up to Gävle to celebrate our second Christmas. Almost everyone was there. The only ones missing was Henrik and his girlfriend. In all we were around 20 people and we had a great time. It's so nice to meet everyone. To catch up, chat and laugh. In the evening we drove back home again.
Hasse and daughter-in-law

Children, grandchildren, ex-wifes husband, spouses and great grandchild

Grandchild, ex-wife to Hasse, Per and Hasse

The cake buffet

Lisa, Gittan and Malin (who is expecting our second great grandchild)

Tuva in the middle of attention

Boxing Day my good friend and one of our "adopted grandchildren" came for coffee and chat. It was a long time since we met but we had so much fun. It's like we've never been apart. Lot's of laughter and "do you remember when...." The other ones didn't come because they had a cold.
Next time.....
My good friend Inger and our "adopted grandchild" Tanya - happy faces

Then a couple of days of relax and I started to build up a cold which I still have. I went to work on the 30th to empty the mail, pay some invoices and more...

Then New Year's Eve with just me, Hasse and Emil. We all had this cold by then. But I am the worst affected and when Hasse and Emil are pretty well now I have developed sinusitis. 
I hate that because I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't breathe properly. The nose has just shut down. Furthermore I get this asthma cough whenever I have a cold and it's so tiresome.
The best thing though is that I have been off work and thus able to rest. Every afternoon I had sat down in front of the TV and every afternoon I fall asleep for an hour or so.

And the last days we have finally had snow and cold! Today it is -14C and that is cold. Nice to be inside then. 
But tomorrow I'm off to work again. It's really not my day to work but since it's the first day of the new year I have to go in for the invoicing. But then I'm free again on Friday.

Next week it really starts.....