H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 8 maj 2015

10-year jubilee done!

Here you see how sunny it was

The first of the events in May is done. It was my works 10-year jubilee which we celebrated yesterday.
It was the first real warm day of the year and one where we actually could sit outside in the evening without freezing. One is very greatful for those few precious days here :-)
The cake
There had been a lot of preparations, of course, before the festivities. I have worked with this for quite some time now. On Monday we got the news that the catering firm didn't have any table decorations in our company color which is orange.
I came up with the idea of having orange gerberas in glassbowls on the tables and so we did. I went to the flowershop and ordered 30 of them which I then fetched yesterday morning. So fresh! I cut them and put them in the bowls and it was really nice.
Look closely and you can see the flowers in the bowls
But everything went smothly. The tent went up, the band came and rigged everything and did soundcheck. The band is Vinylbandet and they play 60-80th covers. The drummer is father to the drummer in H.E.A.T so of course it was my doing we hired them :-) They were so great and there were spontaneous dance. I for one was one of them ;-) Which I might add I have to suffer for today when my back is killing me or rather my pelvis where I have inflammation. But when it's good music I can't sit still and I have to move with it. Here's some photos from yesterday:
Outside my work


Some more co-workers

Our owners welcomes our guests to the celebrations

The food!

Vinylbandet in action

Isn't this wonderful. What an enviroment we have
Did you hear about the earthquake in Nepal 2 weeks ago? One of my co-workers is from Katmandu, Nepal and her family suffered bad. Her immediate family is safe but have nowhere to live. Their house is destroyed so they live in a tent on a field. There are still aftershocks. Her cousin died and because of that she had to eat vegetarian food for 13 days. That is how they do it.
I have given money to her and also my friends and my sis Helen. We know that it will come directly to those in need.

Tomorrow it's Emil's birthday, my youngest, and we will celebrate him on Sunday. That is because Jonas is in Mallorca writing songs with Erik Grönwall and they won't be home until late tomorrow so that's why we postponed it until Sunday.

Take care and have a great weekend!