H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 26 september 2015


                                  Not full yet but almost                                  

A week where nothing much has happened except for Tuesday night when I suddenly became dizzy and nauseus. It was really scary. I couldn't walk properly so I went to bed very early at 7PM and when I lay down the bed spun like a carousel. You know the feeling when you have been drinking a lot and you close your eyes and the whole world spins and you are dizzy.
Since I almost never drink alcohol it wasn't that causing the dizziness.

 Funny shaped clouds

Jonas came back from Tokyo yesterday and I will hear more about that tomorrow :-)

Emil has finished his first period of internship at a home for elderly that needs medical care most of them with dementia. He is studying to become an assistant nurse and he have really liked working with the elderly.

I'm looking forward to see the super moon/blood moon Monday morning. That is if we can have clear skies. We are supposed to see the moon the best between 4AM to 5.30AM and that is the time I go up and get to work. Last time it was blood moon I was in La Mirada :-)

Speaking of which. My sister and nieces have been to Barcelona Spain 14 days and will go back to LA tomorrow. They seem to have had a good time seeing all places, meeting with family and also having time to be tourists. It would have been so much fun to have been there with them seeing Barcelona with family that knows the city. It is also "my city" so to speak since my father lived there but I haven't seen it from that side but just as a tourist. 

On Thursday our great grandchild Tuva turns 1. She's such a sweetheart.

Take care everyone and you who are out there traveling have a safe journey home!

lördag 19 september 2015

September post

Windy and grey

 Last I wrote it was August and summer. Now we have September and it's autumn! Well, the temperatures are some day quite decent but others, huuh, it really feels cold. We have had a lot of rain as well but I like this. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are shifting in different colors from green, to yellow, read and more. It's beautiful. The air is fresh and easy to breathe.

What have I been up to then since last? 

Well,  a whole lot.  Hasse and I went on a luxury cruise (still one of my 60th birthday gifts) with extra all. Fantastic suite cabin, VIP treatment all the way which meant going onboard before everyone else, having a VIP lounge etc. So nice. The trip was very calm and by that I mean the sea.
Me and the board members by the dinner table at Torpa Inn
I went to my sis to have my teeth checked, and yes she is a dentist
Then we celebrated Mandy on August 29.
I went to see my doctor to have a certificate so I can renew my handicap parking permit and at the same time got my B12 shot.

After work, relax

Gorgeous morning with beautiful views from my room
On the first weekend of September I went on a boardmeeting conference at Torpa Inn and conference in Sodertalje. Very good 2 1/2 days where we had a lot done.
The following week we had budget meeting to set the budget for 2016 and 2017. It isn't easy as we don't get the grant we have asked for.
Waiting for the concert to start

Viktoria and Daniel in the Phantom medley
 Last Friday I went to a concert in St Erik's chuch in Sollentuna. A concert that my friend Viktoria Tocca had arranged and performed in together with Daniel Sjöberg and Mikael Litwold. A great concert with many of my favorite songs among them a Phantom of the Opera medley. Viktoria did Christine for 2 years in Copenhagen.
And again
The same day, earlier of course, I went for my mamogram and I can tell you I don't have breast cancer. I just got the result yesterday
Jonas in the middle of the photo
On Saturday Jonas ran the Stockholm half marathon and how he ran!! He aimed for 1.40 and he finished at 1,40,15! 15 seconds over. Isn't that just great?? I'm so proud of him. It is 21,1 km. So no walk in the park
Hasse lighting the candles

Dinner - lasagna

Jonas having some sallad

On Sunday we celebrated my birthday since Jonas went to Tokyo on my birthday and that was the only day I could gather all my boys as well as my sister Helen. We had a lovely time and we chatted for many fun hours.I love to have them all with me

Cake which says Congratulations Mia
On my actual birthday I treated my co-workers to a applecake with butterscotch served with whipped cream with added ginger and vanilla. Very good. 

My beautiful sister Helen
And yesterday me and Hasse went to this mansion, Såstaholm, which isn't far from us really. Just a 15 minutes ride by car. This was also one of my 60th gifts and we had a wonderful room overlooking the Vallentuna lake. Såstaholm used to be a retirement home for actors and actresses and was then called Autumn sun, But in 1978 they closed and after a couple of years they opened as a conference facility and nowadays you can also stay here as private guest for instance on weekends.
The cosy entrance lobby at Såstaholm

Dressing room

Clothes, costumes, wigs and hats en masse

Coffe cups in a new way

Hasse likes the enviroment and the company

This was really yummie, circulated egg with truffle oil and some other stuff


Cod in a wonderful way

Dessert was ice cream, berries and pannacotta

Hasse and I played some table shuffleboard after dinner. Who do you think won?
 But the theatre is in the walls here. And in the basement there is a Klondyke for people who likes masquerade or just dress up. There are a lot of theatre clothes, wigs, hats you name it it's there and as a guest you are welcome to use it. Next door to this wardrobe is the karakoe bar where you can stay all night if you want. The parties here doesn't end until 5AM.... Hasse and I, however, went to bed much earlier than that after a wonderful dinner. 

Breakfast   And now I wish you all a good week ahead and take care! 

Breakfast is equally gorgeous and in fact awardwinning