H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 13 oktober 2014

Hard rock at the Rockboat!

H.E.A.T on stage. Photo Pär Altan

This weekend I went to Helsinki, as I told you I would in my last post, with the Rockboat.

Friday morning I first went to the Rheumatology clinic at Karolinska hospital in Solna where we, the Rheumatic association district of Stockholm together with the clinic had an Open House.
When I came at 8.20AM it was already a line waiting (we had open house between 9-12 AM).
So by 8.40 they started to let people in. There were 3 doctors, 3 nurses, 2 specialists on ultrasound and one occupational Therapist. Last year we had 60 visitors. This year we stopped giving out numbers (for the line) when we reached 100. Almost everyone got diagnosed, some were in very bad shape and hadn't got the help they needed by their local care. I had to leave before it was over but I heard they had to stay until almost 1PM.
Before we even opened this is a few of those waiting
Then I headed home, took my packed suitcase. Hasse and I fetched Jonas and then we went to the Rockboat. Helen and I met up in the terminal and went to our suite. We had a wonderful suite with balcony which was very nice since the weather in Helsinki had sunshine and warmth.
Anyway the first night we went to this Italian restaurant together with P and B who are parents to the guitarist in H.E.A.T. We had a lovely dinner while going through the beautiful archipelago.
After dinner time for taxfree shopping. I bought a lot of wine actually because I seem always to be out of wine whenever I want to do a stew. And now is the time for warm and rich stews.
Happy sisters

Then we actually, hysch hysch don't tell, went to our suite and watched Idol. Yes, we are the ultimate partygirls ;-) But we said we will party on Saturday because that was when H.E.A.T performed. We slept so well, the sea was calm and the full moon shone. Perfect.
Beautiful fullmoon over a calm sea

Saturday we arrived in Helsinki but Helen and I decided to stay on board. Helen booked a massage at the spa and I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jonas, which is rare these days.
Then for dinner we went to a meat restaurant, El Capitan, and had a delicious dinner before going to the night club. I met so many people on board that I know from other concerts but also friends from FB that I met for the first time IRL. Funny thing is they recognized me at once :-) Friends from all over Sweden, from Poland, from Russia and from Belgium.....And of course some of us parents.
Erik, Eric and of course Jonas parents (or at least one of them) and also aunt.
Helsinki in the background

Having lunch at the balcony of our suite

Me, Helen and a friend from Belgium Polina

The show was AMAZING!!! What nerve, what energy and stage presence. They really give their all on stage and the fans are with the all the way. They were actually the only ones that had to do an encore. The whole venue was full of energy and packed! I am so very glad I went on this cruise.
They were also presented as one of the bands to play Sweden Rock Festival next year.  
H.E.A.T on stage  

Some of us in the H.E.A.T family

So back home yesterday and today as usual - work. Tomorrow something exciting is happening but I can't tell you right now. I will tell you tomorrow night or if I don't have the time the next day.
I hope you can wait ;-)