H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 7 augusti 2014

Thursday and a look back...

I have to share this with you. This is taken in August 1986 and the photo on top is me, Danniel and Jonas  in Visby. The photo below is our dear friends visiting us at our house in Gotland. There is me and opposite Janne. Beside him Anne and next to her Johnny and then her daughter Johanna. Beside me is Kitte. The children is probably playing somewhere and that would be Danniel, Andreas, Robert and Jonas :-) What a lovely day that was.

Back to now. Here in Sweden we have had a heatwave from 1 July and still. This has caused a massive forestfire which is now on its 7th day. 1 dead and 1 fighting for his life. A cop ran over by a person that wanted to go in where it is stop. She is now in hospital with brain injury. 
Another fire started today again in another forest area. We have help now from planes that carries large amounts of water. They come from France and Italy. Also helicopters from Norway is helping out. This is the largest fire in Sweden in modern time. 

We have a lot of thunderstorms going on with flooding as follow (but not in the areas where the fire is) but the rain coming down isn't enough.

Other than that I have been working and that has been somewhat of an ordeal. No AC and no fans. But I didn't give up and on Mondayt I found some fans and bought 4. They were supposed to come today but luckily they came already the day after and was a relief but still it just fan the hot air we have. 

My beautiful sister Helen

Sisters me and Helen
I also saw my dentist yesterday, who happens to be my sister :-) It's her birthday tomorrow so I gave her her birthday gift yesterday already. It's a luxury cruise to Helsinki with the Rock boat. And yes, before yo ask - H.E.A.T will be playing as well as Survivor and a lot of other bands. We will, of course, be staying in a Commodore suite :-) She was very happy for that gift. And I hadn't any caries but I in one of my front teeth I had a sliver and she built it up again so now the tooth is as good as new.
Commodore cabin
Nothing more to report. I will take it easy this weekend and rest. I have an inflammation going on in my leg which I hope will cure soon.

Have a nice weekend everyone and take care!