H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 15 juni 2014

Another week has gone by with both joy and sorrow

View from the inn to the marina

This week we, my work,  had our summer dinner and I had booked this wonderful place down by the sea and the marina in Sodertalje. It's called Glashyttans Inn and if you don't know it you would never think there was such an oasis there. You drive off the motorway down in an industrial estate and then you turn left and drive for a couple of hundred meters and suddenly you are in the countryside.

The table before we sat down

I had a beef grain fed

You can see the trainstation, the motorway but it's so quiet and green. On one side you have the Inn and the marina. Opposite that is the seaside bath. It's like on a cape. Very peaceful and the inn had such good food! We really had a nice time together :-) After we were done I took three of my co-workers in my tiny car and drove them. Two left at Stora Essingen and one I drove home since he lives in Marsta which isn't far from me.
Some of my co-workers

The next day was filled with meetings with the Rheumatic association. First a group which I'm the convener of. We are working with our official website making up plans how we want it to look and what we should put there and also who. 

Then it was time for the working committe meeting before the boardmeeting, puh! It was a long day but we did many things.
A very nice thing was that the Stockholm section had their summer feast which marks the end of the first term. They had invited us to join and we were treated with sandwich cake and strawberries. Yummie. 

Then on Friday was the sad part when I attended a funeral after a very dear friend of ours who passed away at the end of May. It was a lovely, can you say that about it, funeral. Lots of people, lots of love, tears and smiles. I remember him as a true gentleman, always seeing something good in everyone. He had a sense of humour that was wonderful and he held the most wonderful, funny and thoughtful speaches whenever we had a dinner together. We were a tight bunch that used to go to Rhodes and to have dinners together.
So we called ourselves the Rhodes-gang :-) His wife is the most sweet person I've seen. She too sees a person for who she is not how she looks even though she always says I'm pretty ;-)
The priest was a fantastic woman who made this sad moment very light. 
Afterwords we all gathered and had soup, bread and then strawberry cake all according to what B wanted. His brother talked about him and it was like listen to B again. Then three relatives sang Hallelujah so wonderful. It was a good memory to take home.
I hope the weather will be like this

This weekend I have rested and done nothing much out of the ordinary. Today though I have started packing since we will go to Gotland on Thursday for 10 days. We will celebrate Midsummer there of course. I'm looking forward to be there and I hope the weather will be better. Maybe I won't be able to be on the internet that much during the Gotland stay because there are bad connections down there.

The days are so light now and so are the evenings and nights. 

As always - take care!