H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 3 juni 2014

June and soon vacation :-)

"Little Kanin", me and Henrik in Boras citypark
Last week was quite a busy week. Worked Monday-Wednesday and on Wednesday I baked a pie with rhubarb and strawberries for work. Much appreciated.
Going through all statues and propositions the night before the congress begins.
Then on Thursday I was home and I went to buy flowers for our front garden (I will take photos when they have settled). Then I packed because on Friday morning I went to pick up my friend for further transport to Boras where the Rheumatic association held our yearly congress. There are delegates from all over Sweden and we always have a lot of things to decide over. This year we had statue changes and also many propositions to decide on.

Open the link below and you will see us do some moves, enjoy!

 Showing some moves :-)

Lots of discussions and different opinions, of course, but the whole time a very good atmosphere based on respect for one another. I like it when it is like that.
I have been on other congresses where the atmosphere have been very ill-natured.
We are not praying although it looks like it. We are actually doing some soft zumba moves. 

We also had breathers when we did zumba which was adapted to suit rhematics and we joined in and everyone did what they managed. It was fun and very needed.

Next year the Rheumatic association will be 70!! So to celebrate next year will be full of fun events. One we got to hear at the congress - yes hear. They gave 2 well known songwriters (no, not H.E.A.T) the task to write an uptempo song that would be ours. It is so good and you just want to get up and dance and singalong when you hear it :-) Which we did!

Serious work
Beautiful citypark
Saturday evening the district who were the host of the congress celebrated their 40th anniversary with a jubilee dinner. I had the best luck and ended up at a table with wonderful people. We had so much fun although we did get our meal last of everyone. There was lottery and I won "Little Kanin" (see photo) and didn't realize it was me because I thought everyone else had won and then I said: But it's me! Everyone laughed :-)
Then I won yet another time and I said: Can I win twice? And I could. So I won a set of showercream and bodylotion. Nice :-)
This is my first win - lille Kanin :-) Had too much to drink?

After a long day and evening I was so tired and just fell in bed and slept until the clock rang at 7AM. Up, having breakfast and back to the negotiations. We finished at 2PM and me and my friend once again entered my little blue C1 to go to Stockholm. It went rather well until we came to Vasteras. Lots of traffic jam due to road work. So I wasn't home until 8.30PM after dropping off my friend Ingvor at her home. I just unpacked, washed and went to bed. Up again at 04.30 and at work 05.45AM. Do I have to tell you I was beyond tired!

But it was invoice time and I worked very hard. Then came home and sat down in front of the TV with the purpose of watching a show and an hour later I woke up ;-) 
Gripsholms Inn - the oldest Inn in Sweden
Now I'm back on track and tomorrow I work and then I'm free until Monday. Me and Hasse are going to Gripsholms inn on Thursday and will stay overnight there. Then on Friday we will go to Taxinge castle and have some coffee and cakes (this is a price which I got from work). 

Taxinge castle
The famous cake buffet at Taxinge castle
On Saturday me, Helen and Emil are going to visit the grave. It's one year since Mom died on Sunday. Jonas can't come along since he's gigging in Finland. 

On Sunday me and Hasse celebrate our 29th anniversary! And we will have a BBQ.

I hope you are all doing well and as always - take care!