H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 26 december 2014

and then we celebrated Christmas Day in Gavle

On our way

China but in Sweden, Dragon gate, on the way to Gavle

The following morning at 0830 we left for Christmas celebration in Gavle. We haven't been there for a while and this time both Jonas, Emil and Mandy joined which was very nice :-)
Meanwhile Danniel was so nice to look after Pinglan. Big thanks Danniel!
My sister Helen's dog Pinglan who we "dog sit" since they are in Dubai for the holidays

 The further north we came the more snow it was and also colder. By the time we reached Gavle we had -14 C and the coldest was -16C. That is cold and I do understand Sandy loving the California climate :-) Wouldn't mind that myself.
Back to Gavle where there also were a lot of snow. When you walked there was this lovely creak, which I do like. It's far better than the icy streets we often have here in the Stockholm region.
In Gunillas living room

Gunilla in front of the fire place

Anyway we first visited Gunilla and Per in their new house which was so nice and totally perfectly decorated. I loved it. We had some coffee, ham sandwich and of course safron buns.
Then we went over to Staffan and Lena's house where Linnea (sadly with a bad cold) Henrik and Amanda and Oscar were. Later Gunilla and Klara joined and we sat down and chatted before the preparation for the Christmas Day linner (lunch/dinner) started. 
Everything was so good, we had lots of laughter and talk. Alway a pleasure to come and meet the grown up children and grandchildren.
Having fun

Mandy, Lena and Staffan

Lunch and Klara wanted to be in the photo :-)

The table is set

Waiting to get the "at table" order ;-)

We drove back later in the evening and today on Boxing Day we are having a sunny, cold day here. Just finished lunch and now we will relax and enjoy the holiday.

To all of you reading this - I hope you're having a relaxed and good holiday together with your loved ones. If you can't be with them - like I can't be with my American family - keep them in your heart and thoughts which I do.

onsdag 24 december 2014

Christmas Eve in photos :-)

Christmas lunch has started, they boys are home

Some of the food, the cold dishes which we start with

Emil is happy after eating all the good food :-) 

Hasse behind lit candles and with the Christmas tree behind

Everyone concentrates on the food

Jonas is playing Christmas carols for us

And then it was time for Disney hour and now Mandy has joined us :-)

Relaxing and cozy watching Disney

Baloo from the Djungle book

Me happy to have everyone home

Mandy my beautiful daughter in law (not yet married but still)

måndag 15 december 2014

Oh my God

The Christmas smorgasbord

I just realized I haven't written anything since November 23!
But I can tell you I haven't been lazy but there has been so much going on that I haven't had the strength to write.

I had meetings that week and I was supposed to be at a conference hotel for lunch that Friday but I was to tired I had to cancel it. So instead I baked safron buns (!) and made chocolate troufles with ginger. 

The ferry
On December 1 it was Staffan's birthday (Hasse's oldest son) and I worked and worked at my job. Thursday I and Hasse were supposed to go to the theatre and see Come again Charlie, which was one of my birthday presents - thank you Pär and Brita. But Hasse wasn't feeling well so instead I asked Linnea, my bonus grand daughter if she wanted to go and she was very happy that I asked. We had a really good time and the play, which was a comedy, was funny but also with a message which made you laugh and then stop. It was about the situation that is in many countries today especially in Europe I think  where dark forces are coming up sprung from the politics of nazis. Here in Sweden for instance the party, Sweden democrats, has caused a goverment crisis and we are to have an extra election in March next year. They don't want any immigrants but only Swedes. They say that judes and sami are not Swedes (!) I hope they do get less votes next year but you never know. The same thing is happening all over Europe right now.
Hasse in our lovely suite
But the play was funny thoughtful.

Next day it was time for the Royal Opera and Madame Butterfly by Puccini. I haven't seen that opera in decades and it was truly an experience. I just love the music. Miss Saigon, the musical, is based on the same story as this opera. An american marries a japanese and she has a baby that he doesn't know of. He goes back to America and marries an American woman and they come back and found out about his son and take him from Butterfly to give him a better life in America. Butterfly commits harikiri and that's the end of the opera. Not a very uplifting story but then again almost all operas ends with death.

Last week work on Monday and Tuesday and then a Christmas concert with my two favorites, Peter Johansson and Matilda Grün. Christmas hasn't started until I've seen them :-)
Matilda Grün - beautiful and so nice

And yes, she's having a baby boy in March :-)

Funny when we the audience learnt and danced square dance :-)

Peter and Matilda - cousins and incredibly talanted!

The day after which was Nobel day I took the day off work! Hasse and I watched the Nobel prize both in Norway and in Stockholm on TV. I really liked the choice of peace prize winners this year.
Very well deserved to both of them. Hasse and I always eat "Nobel dinner" which means I make something extra and I did that this year as well.

The next day which was Thursday we had our traditional Christmas party at the Rheumatic association but before that a meeting in the planning committe (for next year's big event). We also plan the Christmas party, the food etc. Very nice, good food and so nice to meet everyone working in the county associations.

Me at the hotel restaurant
Dessert and candy a must on the Christmas smorgasbord
Hasse at the table
Friday me and Hasse went to our favorite hotel Elite Marina Tower, thank you Helen, for Christmas smorgasbord. We had a wonderful big suite overlooking the water, Stockholm skyline and the harbor. The food was so so good. The only downside was that we really can't eat that much. Some people can eat so much and take again and again and again. We can't! But it was good and we were moderate measured which was good. After a wonderful breakfast on Saturday we went home, this was Lucia, and I once again baked safron buns! Yesterday I rested :-)

And today it's on again. Work, home, work, home and on Wednesday work and then I go to see my doctor Christer and on Friday it's Christmas dinner with my work. That is we cook dinner, 6 courses, and then we eat it :-)