H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 26 oktober 2014

TV4 and more....

I haven't had time to write for a while, as usual ;-) I have been busy with this and that.
Me after visit to my hairstylist

Since I last wrote I have been to my hairstylist, long overdue. 
A rainy and foggy Malmo

Last Friday and Saturday we had the Chairmen conference at Rosersberg and straightly after that I went to the Stockholm Central station to catch a train for Malmo where I attended a course in my economic program. Came home late Tuesday night. Up working, as usual, at 04.30. In the afternoon it was time for my flu shot, my Mekobalamin and Pneumonia shot so 3 at once.

The next day, Thursday, I was supposed to go to Norrtalje for some treatment but I was a bit fiverish, after the shots probably, so we changed that to November instead.
Haga park a rainy Saturday

My friend Ingvor
More of the Park

Cosy fireplace
Then yesterday, a very rainy and grey day, me and two other friends went to Haga parken which is the place where our Crownprincess Victoria and her family lives. We weren't of course at the castle but in the park and then at the Inn that was built by Gustav III in 1784 (or something like that). Very nice!
We had lunch there, delicious,  and the waiter lit a fire which was so cosy.

Today I'm cooking for my coworkers lunch tomorrow. They will be served: Prime rib poched in red wine on low temperature for 4 hours, potatoes, broccoli. For dessert: Crunchy salted caramel pie with lingonberries and light whipped cream. How about that?

I have been in the kitchen all day  I can tell you :-) I do hope they will enjoy.

H.E.A.T has been in Nottingham headlining, on Friday, at Firefest the final fling. They did, of course, a huge success. All the girls are also there so I think they have a great time. 
Great photo of Jonas at Firefest. Photo: Sean Larkin

I was on Swedish TV4 last night because of the win I told you about in my last post. Almost immediately after it was aired I got a lot of comments on Facebook and people called. You see what impact it has to be seen on TV. I was visible maybe a couple of seconds and Hasse too. But what fun it was. I am so sorry that you can't see it in USA :-(

Take care and have a great week everyone!

onsdag 15 oktober 2014

Swedish TV4 filming

I promised to tell you what happened yesterday.
Me and Kicken

I had, without knowing it, been in a contest called the "Skrapyran" can't really translate it but something like scratchrave. It's when you scratch a lottery online. I had registered on the Postcode lottery site because I have one Postcode lottery and I don't have time to check that, so I registered for them to check it for me. Anyway while doing that I got some bonus cash on my page there and I scratched some lotteries until the money was out, maybe 2 or 3 lotteries and of course I didn't win but the money was almost down to zero.

Some of the crew and winners

BUT while doing this I was in this drawing for "Skrapyran" and this time my postnumber was drawn but unfortunately not my postcode. But I won :-) So this woman called me last week. I was on my way to put down the phone (always think it's sellers who wants you to buy more lotteries) when she said I had won and they wanted to come home to me and film for Swedish TV4 when I receives the check.
Kicken in the beautiful Café

And of course I finished a bit early from work and went home. At exactly the right time they knocked on the door and there was this TV-team and Kicken, who is a big rockstar here in Sweden, who gave me flowers and the check. 4 takes it took before they were totally happy. Different angles, close-ups, longshots and more. And I had to be exactly the same enthusiastic Mia every time (which isn't very hard).

The flowers I got

After they had stopped filming I told Kicken that he would meet my son next week at Firefest in Nottingham. He asked what band he is in and I said H.E.A.T. Which one of them he said and I said the keyboardist. Ah, Jonas or what's left of him he said. They had met just a couple of weeks ago at the Beer and whiskey festival here in Stockholm.

The Poodles

After an hour or so we went to the next location which was a lovely little café not far from us. Neither me nor Hasse had been there before. It's called Café Stall and is so cute with beams and you can really see and feel the history. We had coffee, homemade cookies, cakes and buns (but we didn't get to eat much though). We were filmed the whole time while entering, taking coffee and bread, while talking and of course when they handed out the big wins (which wasn't me unfortunately) I got my win by the door. I won 5000 SEK which is around $715. Not much but since I had no idea I could win anything it was big.

The man who won the big bucks sat by our table and he won - embrace yourselves - 763 000 SEK which is around $ 109 000!! But then again he played a lot! All day he scratched these lotteries online and he had the right postnumber and postcode.
It was actually only 4 winners and I was one! Isn't that lucky?


After all the filming I chatted for a while with Kicken and he said: I was on tour (or that is his band The Poodles) with H.E.A.T a couple of years ago and I said I know ;-) 
We had some photos taken and then we all went home. How about that for excitement for a day?

This will be aired on TV4 Saturday October 25 and will be during the "Grannyra" (Neighbor rave) as an element in that show between 7.30PM - 8PM. 

Tomorrow I have to do something with my hair so I'm going to my hairstylist. On Friday it's time for the Chairmen conference and then on Saturday I, hopefully, will be on the train for Malmö where I will attend a course Monday and Tuesday.  

Train to Malmö

You can't say I live a very quiet life, can you? ;-)

Take care now until next time!

måndag 13 oktober 2014

Hard rock at the Rockboat!

H.E.A.T on stage. Photo Pär Altan

This weekend I went to Helsinki, as I told you I would in my last post, with the Rockboat.

Friday morning I first went to the Rheumatology clinic at Karolinska hospital in Solna where we, the Rheumatic association district of Stockholm together with the clinic had an Open House.
When I came at 8.20AM it was already a line waiting (we had open house between 9-12 AM).
So by 8.40 they started to let people in. There were 3 doctors, 3 nurses, 2 specialists on ultrasound and one occupational Therapist. Last year we had 60 visitors. This year we stopped giving out numbers (for the line) when we reached 100. Almost everyone got diagnosed, some were in very bad shape and hadn't got the help they needed by their local care. I had to leave before it was over but I heard they had to stay until almost 1PM.
Before we even opened this is a few of those waiting
Then I headed home, took my packed suitcase. Hasse and I fetched Jonas and then we went to the Rockboat. Helen and I met up in the terminal and went to our suite. We had a wonderful suite with balcony which was very nice since the weather in Helsinki had sunshine and warmth.
Anyway the first night we went to this Italian restaurant together with P and B who are parents to the guitarist in H.E.A.T. We had a lovely dinner while going through the beautiful archipelago.
After dinner time for taxfree shopping. I bought a lot of wine actually because I seem always to be out of wine whenever I want to do a stew. And now is the time for warm and rich stews.
Happy sisters

Then we actually, hysch hysch don't tell, went to our suite and watched Idol. Yes, we are the ultimate partygirls ;-) But we said we will party on Saturday because that was when H.E.A.T performed. We slept so well, the sea was calm and the full moon shone. Perfect.
Beautiful fullmoon over a calm sea

Saturday we arrived in Helsinki but Helen and I decided to stay on board. Helen booked a massage at the spa and I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jonas, which is rare these days.
Then for dinner we went to a meat restaurant, El Capitan, and had a delicious dinner before going to the night club. I met so many people on board that I know from other concerts but also friends from FB that I met for the first time IRL. Funny thing is they recognized me at once :-) Friends from all over Sweden, from Poland, from Russia and from Belgium.....And of course some of us parents.
Erik, Eric and of course Jonas parents (or at least one of them) and also aunt.
Helsinki in the background

Having lunch at the balcony of our suite

Me, Helen and a friend from Belgium Polina

The show was AMAZING!!! What nerve, what energy and stage presence. They really give their all on stage and the fans are with the all the way. They were actually the only ones that had to do an encore. The whole venue was full of energy and packed! I am so very glad I went on this cruise.
They were also presented as one of the bands to play Sweden Rock Festival next year.  
H.E.A.T on stage  

Some of us in the H.E.A.T family

So back home yesterday and today as usual - work. Tomorrow something exciting is happening but I can't tell you right now. I will tell you tomorrow night or if I don't have the time the next day.
I hope you can wait ;-)

torsdag 9 oktober 2014

Meeting, working and the Rockboat

On Saturday we had a meeting with the party/jubilee committé at my friend Ingvor's house.
I had made Vasterbottenpies, she made sallat, I had baked cinnamon buns (which I wrote about in my last post). It all went down very well with the ladies :-)

We had a really good, productive meeting and decided on a lot of things both for the upcoming Christmas party but also for next year's jubilee. I can't tell you yet because it's a secret so far and I haven't got due permissions yet, but you can be sure I will tell you when all is fixed.

We were supposed to meet for 2 hours but we had so many ideas and chatted so it lasted for 4 hours instead :-) Then on Sunday I rested, yes really.

On Monday our friend J celebrated his birthday but we couldn't be there so we sent flowers. Yesterday my Opera friend celebrated her birthday but she will get her gift when we go to the Opera next time.

Tomorrow the Rheumatology at Karolinska hospital has Open House and I will be there for a couple of hours helping out. It's a co event with us and the hospital. A great opportunity for people to come and check their joints.

Then in the afternoon I will board the Rockboat which has giants like H.E.A.T, Blue Oyster Cult, Black star riders and more. Me and Helen will go as well as several of the H.E.A.T parents.The ship will take us to Helsinki where we have a whole day, Saturday and then we will be back home on Sunday. We have had quite heavy rain for a couple of days but they say it will clear up tomorrow afternoon and I hope they are right.

Chicago Saturday - H.E.A.T - Who will stop the rain

Healthwise I'm very, very tired. Maybe it is the dark. It's dark when I get up in the morning now and dark when I drive to work. At least it's still light when I come home but soon it will be dark even then. We have these wonderful summers when the sun is up almost 24/7 but then we have several months when it's dark, dark, dark. 

I do like autumn when it's sunshine and the air is clean and crisp which it isn't in summer.

Next week will also be hectic. On Tuesday Swedish TV4 will come here and film me. Can't tell you more right now but I will tell you afterwards :-) Then on Friday to Saturday it's Chairmen conference and directly from that I go by train to Malmo where I will attend an education for 2 days and I will be back home on Tuesday evening.

I hope I can walk properly. My broken toes are still bothering me. It's hard to wear proper shoes but now it's so cold I need to. So in the afternoon it's reall painful. And in Malmo, since I don't have a car there, I have to walk quite a long way to get to the school. In worst case scenario I have to take a taxi.

I hope everyone who reads this is in good health and enjoying life. Take care!

fredag 3 oktober 2014

Already October?!

Oh my God how time flies. I don't know where the days go - it's Monday and then it's Sunday in just a flash. 

Last I wrote about my birthday and I think it was on the 14th. Then on the 15th Sept was my actual birthday and since I had a big party followed the day after by the dinner and musical I thought that was it. But no, on my birthday there came around 15 more to celebrate me :-) Well, at least I had coffee and a cake to give them. So I celebrate like the royals for 3 days ;-)

From Hasse I got, in the morning, his gift which is a weekend trip to a city of my choice this coming spring. What a wonderful gift and I was so happy :-)

My sister Helen, who was in Palma and couldn't be at the party sadly enough, has given me a surprise. November 21 and that weekend I know I will be staying at a hotel but don't know which one or what we are going to do. That I like :-)

The week after my birthday I had a big job making the thank you card and sending them
The thank you card front and back
The next week I had a lot of job but also preparations for the conference to be held Friday-Saturday.
Me and the working committee went down already on Thursday to prepare. Since my grandchild Malin now lives in Sodertalje (where the conference was) and is expecting her first child I went earlier to visit her.

I can now tell you the happy news that she had her babygirl on Wednesday October 1. Big congratulations to their little family - Malin, Alexander and babygirl
Isn't she just adorable? No name yet though.
The conference was great and in a wonderful location. I found this place when Danniel and I had our Mother-son day last year. The owner is so nice, service-minded, nothing is impossible, everything just a possibility for him. The cutest rooms, all different in style and decor. I just loved mine with the little balcony overlooking the sea.
My room

The view from my balcony in the morning. Notice the ice on the roof!!

Lunch in the beautiful dining- and breakfast room

Wonderful terrace to have breakfast on in the summer.
Then of course more job this week. I'm planning the 10th anniversary which my work celebrates in January so a lot of quotes and calls to do in order to fix all that. I also plan the trip to Berlin and this is outside my ordinary shores.
Also nurses visit for my usual B12 shot and other tests. Seems that when you turn 60 you need to do some tests but that is all good I think. 

Do you know what I did today?? I baked cinnamon buns I think around 80. Why you might ask?
Well, tomorrow it's cinnamon bun day here in Sweden so we eat cinnamon buns :-) 
I'm also having a meeting with the party committee of the Rheumatic association where I am the convener. So I will bring some cinnamon buns and I also made Vasterbotten pie for us to have for lunch. Nice, yes?

H.E.A.T on the other hand is in Chicago, playing in the US for the first time at Melodic Rock Fest.
Jonas and the others left on Monday and so far they have actually seen and been around in Chicago which is very nice and something they don't have in their schedule every time. They have also been to a NHL game and the first gig was yesterday. Next is on Saturday where they will headline.

Jonas and Erik the day they arrived very jet laged
All of H.E.A.T in Chicago
H.E.A.T have a very exiting end of 2014, which is once again a European tour starting November 26 and will finish December 19. So they will be home just in time for Christmas.
They are so worth all this!!

Next week I have two friends birthdays coming up and then on Friday me and Helen are going on Rockbaten, the Rock Boat, to Helsinki. On board, of course, H.E.A.T who will be playing.

So take care everyone and have a really nice weekend.