H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 13 april 2014

Warm and Sunny in California

I have now been here for four days and it's really wonderful to be here.

The trip over went well and we landed only 20 minutes late. But it took over one hour getting though immigration. Luckily Norbert were there waiting for me. We had a good drive home with LOTs of chat and catching up. It was so nice of him to fetch me at the airport.

I had a very warm welcome from my sister and her husband. My room was ready and I had a beautiful red rose with the most wonderful smell in there.
I was a bit tired after the long travel but after eaten a grilled porkchop I was Ok again. I unpacked and then Jo and I actually spoke until 1.30 am. I slept like a baby until 9 and then I was good to go :-)

We have been out shopping, I found the hummingbird nest in the yard, I have eaten the most juicy oranges, we have talked a lot,  we went to the Friday food trucks and that is really something special which I will write more about when I have a computer.

I hate writing on Ipad especially long stories.

Lulu had her grooming today and she's so cute.

Now it's bedtime, sleep well and sweet dreams

onsdag 9 april 2014

On my way.............

I'm all packed and ready to go. Soon I will leave for Arlanda, terminal 2 via London and finally to LA. I will arrive there at 7.15PM (local time), hopefully, but here the time will be tomorrow and 10.15AM.

One other thing happens today and that is the release of H.E.A.T's Tearing down the walls album in the Nordic countries. In Europe it is on Friday.

They have so far had great reviews and I hope that will continue. They are so worth it. They work really hard and they really love what they are doing.

Well, I will try to post here or Facebook so you can see how I am "over there".

Take care now!

söndag 6 april 2014

Very nice Sunday

I had a wonderful Sunday with my family celebrating two birthdays.
Tomorrow it's Hasse's birthday and in 11 days it's Jonas birthday. Since nor me nor Jonas will be home for his birthday I decided we should celebrate them both today.

So all three boys were here and also Jonas significant other Mandy were able to come. It's so nice to gather them all. 

I had made lunch which was tortilla rolls with filling of tenderloin of pork. I served a good salat with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and mango. And of course guacomole (home made of course).

For dessert I had made, yesterday already, ice cream which was very tasty.
Danniel had baked cookies of shredded coconut and with chocolate topping.

They have all left now and I have started planning what to pack for LA. I work tomorrow and Tuesday and then on Wednesday I'm off so high time to start planning :-)

I'm so looking forward to meeting my sister and the whole family. Since we live so far from each other it's not that often we have the possibility to meet face to face but thanks to this blog, Facebook and other social media we can stay in touch :-) 

 From the first time we met in 2005 :-)

This year 2014 it's actually 10 years since we get in contact. I can't believe it has already been 10 years. We should celebrate really :-)
Remember the first visit I made to LA and La Mirada in March 2005. It was so exciting and of course nervous and I was so curious to meet her and her family. They all greated me with such warmth and I really felt welcomed into the family.

fredag 4 april 2014

New and refreshed :-)

I just wanted to show you how my new color and cutting turned out. I’m happy and feel refreshed – 3,5 hours later ;-) It takes time to get fine.

What do you think?

 No make-up today. It's my free day without make-up which I have at least once a week :-)

SCFRIZZOTEK - My hair stylist's homepage

Thank so you much Suzanne who is my wonderful hairstylist. We always have so much fun, lots to chat about and even more laughter and I love the way she does my hair -

Media training and H.E.A.T releaseparty

Yesterday we had media training with 2 journalists. This was the start before we have a whole day with filming and argumentative for our key questions this super election year.

Paula and Goran, the journalists that had the training

 We selected 3 key questions that we will work with and try to get out with to politicians, TV, newspaper etc. In hope to influence and hopefully create opinion around these questions.
After that we had our statutory meeting which also went well.

Today it’s time for H.E.A.T’s release party for their new album: Tearing down the walls.

Unfortunately we are not invited :-( but we still have a chance to watch it live through this link:

So if you like us won’t be there live this is the next best thing.

Soon I’m off to my hair stylist for long overdue hair cutting and coloring.

I did my income tax declaration last night. Good thing to have it done before I go.

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

onsdag 2 april 2014

Not long now....

Before H.E.A.T release their album "Tearing down the walls" AND I'm off to Los Angeles, La Mirada.
Both the same day ;-)

I have worked so hard these past few days so I will be all finished at work with both invoicing and our salaries. I’m right now on track and I do hope I will stay that way.

What I haven’t done is start packing! I will probably do it the night before I go J I basically know what I will take with me and I only pack for nice weather ;-) and hopefully we will have nice weather.

I’m going to my doctor tomorrow so I have all medicines I need. Also I will get the result of the blood tests we took last week. After that I will go to the Rheumatic association where we will have media training as well as statutory meeting. Not at the same time though ;-) but after one another.

We wanted to have the media training since this year is the “super election year” in Sweden. We will elect for the EU-parliament as well as to our Swedish parliament. That will give us an excellent chance to have our important issues heard by the politicians. So we are planning several meetings and started last year with meetings with one politician from every party.

Now it’s time for bed. It’s a long day tomorrow.

And yes I forgot. Monday it’s Hasse’s birthday and the 17th it’s Jonas. So on Sunday we will celebrate both here with a good lunch. All the boys and Mandy are coming. That will be so nice.

Talk to you later. Have a good day or night wherever you are.