H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 1 december 2013

We had a great time despite all late cancellations

H.E.A.T members (3/5 of them) came, parents, family, friends and more.
We had a very nice and cozy time. Among us a 50 year jubilar, that is Hasse's oldest son turned 50 today. So we sang and cheered for him. Very nice.

 Helen's dog Pinglan
They all liked what I have made and we had time to sit down and talk to everyone which was nice too.

One funny thing is that one of our friends (it's Jonas friend but she has been like a child in our house for many years) is to perform at the Varmlandsopera in March where she will be performing in Monteverdis L'Orfeo. So I think I will try to get my operafriend to join me and go there.

So now I'm off to bed. Up early as always tomorrow. Sleep well you on this side of the world and to you on the other side - I hope you have a wonderful 1 Advent.

Take care!


I hate it!

When people call or text you just hours before and says they're not coming!
We had invited over 30 people to our Advent celebration and today from 11AM until 15 minutes ago (!) 10 people have said they won't come :-(

I mean if you say yes to something you schedule that, don't you? If you get ill I can understand but to just say you won't be coming that is not OK! Does it means they say yes and will come if not something more interesting comes up? I wonder.

I have planned for 30, baked and made all the rolls and everything, not to mention glogg and if there's only 20 (or less) it means I have thrown out a lot of money for nothing. So we say this is probably the last year we have this.
It takes a lot of effort to do all this, plus all the things to prepare, shop, bake, changing all the furniture so people will have a place to sit and so on.
And it gets harder since neither of us is in our best health :-(

Anyway I'm sure that we and the ones that do come have a good time together with good food and glogg.

This is what we have on our Advent table.