H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 24 juli 2013

Wonderful day in the archipelago with Jonas

 Me and Jonas by the beach

Today it was time for me and Jonas and have our mother-son day. It started out as a very cloudy day but as the day went along the sun came out and we had atemperature of 29C. Lucky for us I headed to a beautiful place called Marholmen just outside of Norrtälje www.marholmen.se

We strolled down to the beach, they have in fact 2 beaches, one designated for children and the other for grown-ups.

I went into the sea but I didn't bath, just went in with my feet. It wasn't very warm but still nice and cool.

 Jonas at the beach
 The beaches, photo taken from Villa Berg

We also walked around the area and up to the most beautiful house, Villa Berg, which you can for instance rent for conferences. After that we went back to "grosshandlarvillan" for lunch which we are outside in the beautiful weather while looking out over the sea.

 Having lunch in wonderful weather

We just sat there enjoying the food and our company and talked a lot. When we felt ready we drove to Norrtälje where we did some shopping at Flygfyren. A great place for shopping groceries, almost as good as in La Mirada :-)

 Inside was this amazing fireplace
And this is Villa Berg that I talked about. Isn't it gorgeous?

After that we headed home to Jonas and Mandy where we had coffee before I gave him a lift to Väsby centrum where he had some business before it was time for H.E.A.T to rehearse. 

Thank you Jonas for a wonderful day and fun company!

Mandy and Jonas striking a pose :-)

As I have told you I'm going to Helsingborg tomorrow and on Friday H.E.A.T will perform on the big stage at Helsingborg festival. I hope we will have time to talk after that but I'm not sure since H.E.A.T has an extremely hectic weekend. Friday Helsingborg, then up to Rejmyre for a gig at Skogsröjet at 6PM and at midnight they will be on stage at Olstorp outside of Skövde which is 180 km apart. They have a lot of driving to do this Saturday.

 My beautiful flowers!

And of course I can't help but showing you my beautiful flowers :-)

Take care now and I hope you have a great weekend and maybe I will see some of you in Helsingborg?