H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 18 juli 2013

Lunch with friends

 My friends Rubina, Annika and me
Yesterday I had lunch with three good friends. All of them friends from the Rheumatic association.

We met at Ingvor's place, a wonderful house, in beautiful summer weather.
I came earlier so that we two could plan our road trip next week to Helsingborg.
After a while came Annika who is the chair woman in our association in Stockholm. Me, Annika and Ingvor is part of our working committe in the association in Stockholm. We are 4 in the committee but one couldn't come because she's on holiday. It was so nice to sit down and talk, laugh and just relax together.
After a while our friend Rubina joined us. She had been cooking the meal which was Indian (or maybe Pakistan) dishes. I don't know the name of things but I think one was called Dahl (or something like that). Good but very spicy.
I had made Västerbotten pie and a big salat with feta cheese, avocado, salat, tomatoes, cucumber and more... And to that I had made a vinagraitte.
We had a wonderful time eating all these good things. Rubina I hadn't seen for a couple of years so it was so nice to meet her again.

 My beautiful hollyhocks
I also love my hollyhocks! I so wanted to plant them but Hasse was against it so I just went out and bought them. Now he thinks they are gorgeous! I bought 4 plants and they are so high now and the flowers are so many.

 The front garden
This is what you are greated of when you come to my house :-)
Hasse is the best gardener! I just pick what I want to have, buy it and then he takes care of them and make them bloom like this. He really has got what we call "green fingers". He does an amazing job caring for them and he's in the garden every day taking care of them. But he also gets a lot of praise even from people just walking by :-)

So today is a middle day. I have to call the cemetary to book the time we will be placing the urn with mother's ashes in the grave. It will probably be at the beginning of August.

Then I will pack, again, for tomorrow we are once again going to "our" hotel to spend the weekend. This time it's my prize from the cooking competition at work (I might have said that before). That should be very nice!

Next week is full of activities except for Monday when I have nothing planned. Tuesday I'm going to have my mammogram done.
Wednesday I will have mother-son day with Jonas. I have planned things but I can't tell you since it will be a surprise for Jonas :-)

 My friend Ingvor in her kitchen
Thursday I will be doing the estate inventory after Mom with a lawyer and directly after that I go to my friend Ingvor and we start our road trip to Helsingborg where we will be staying for the weekend to go to the Helsingborg festival and on Friday night we will enjoy H.E.A.T playing there! I hope we will have time to see some places when we are there like Sofiero castle.

Well that's about all for now. I will post photos and write here as well as on FB and Instagram.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful day!!