H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 11 mars 2013

Rock of ages, New York and more

Saturday we went to see Rock of Ages here in Stockholm. Me, Hasse, Emil, my sis Helen and her family all went and we really had a great time. I really enjoyed the musical and anyone who loves the 80s and the rock music will love it.

In the evening, yes we went on the matinee, it was the final of the Swedish Eurovision which I watched on TV this year. Last year me and Helen was at the finals in person thanks to me winning a contest :-) Here are links to the VIP event:

V.I.P event

Melodifestival V.I.P pre party

What is more? Well, just that we are going to New York in August. That is me, Helen and her daughter Bianca. We will stay for 5 days and will go shopping, see musicals and more :-) and work.

On Thursday I'm going to dinner with my work. We are going to a Swiss restaurant and most of us will have beef fondue, yummie.

Then on Saturday we are invited to dinner at our very good friends in Märsta.
And on Sunday I'm off to Malmö where I will attend an education for two days. But I'm travelling down on Sunday which will give me a chance to see my Mom's cousin.

And I almost forgot ;- ) H.E.A.T will play at Katalin in Uppsala and the concert will also be recorded and sent on Swedish National radio P4 live. Of course I will be there, did you think otherwise?

H.E.A.T at Katalin 

That's about it apart from me having pain again :-( but that's another story.
Take care out there. Talk to you soon :-)