H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 25 september 2013

New hairdo and color

Well I went to my hairstylist today and I'm very satisfied with how it turned out.

Here's phots proof ;-)

I also went to banks today to finish my Mom's accounts (I have already done 2) and the first went just fine. Then I went to Swedbank and despite me having all the documents needed (which every other bank had approved) they said I needed another proxy, their own. I had all the ones needed but they refused to help me. I was so upset so I called the headoffice and they said it was just baloney. The documents I had was what they needed. So she asked if I wanted to go back but I said no. They were really rude and I drove 20 km to another of their offices. No problem at all!! Everything went just smothly. 

And as I said to the lady at the headoffice - this is not very good for your image and I'm glad I don't have your bank.

Now all I have to do is wait for them to finally deposit the money so we can split them between us.

Tomorrow budget talk.

Have a great evening or day depending where you are and take care.

(I can inform you that the first snow has reached Sweden, not here though)

tisdag 24 september 2013


I realized today that I hadn't written since August 31 and now September is almost gone!

I have no excuse but I'm exhausted and when I get home from work I just want to relax, which I'm not very good at. But this last month I have really been in need of that. I have been worse in my Sjogren's probably a relapse.

But as you know I'm not the one staying at home on sick leave so I have worked although not feeling on top. I have a great work where there is room for flexibility so if I'm very ill one day I can stay at home and rest and then work that extra when I feel better. Not everyone has so understanding work.

It has happened so much since last and I can't write it all because then you would fall asleep ;-) I try to write as much as I can on Facebook and also place photos.

Long story short:

September 5-7 Conference with the board of the Rheumatic association. At sea to Helsinki, Finland. Good conference with great ideas and what a great team we are

 Working hard
 Economy is serious business
 But we also smiled a lot....
And burst into good laughs

September 9-11 Work, work

September 12 In Norrtalje getting treatment by my friend Anne and afterwards lunch in beautiful settings.

Havspiren restaurant in Norrtalje

September 14 Family and friends came over to celebrate my birthday


September 15 My 59th birthday! It's hard to believe. I don't feel that. When I was a little girl, 59 was old! But nowadays it is not. I cooked the whole day for the Monday lunch at work. And that Monday was of course my Monday :-)

Jonas came for coffee and cake in the afternoon.

September 16 Lunch at work went well and I think they liked it :-)

 Pennegratin with fillet of pork in a gorgonzola sauce with walnuts and ruccola
Dessert: Butterschotch applepie with whipped cream

September 17 Education all day at work

September 18 - 20 To Scania and Malmo for more education in a computer programme designed for final accounts. Very good and I got to meet my Mom's cousin Kerstin for dinner. A wonderful, lovely lady of 85 who I have so much fun with. We laugh a lot when we meet and it's never a silent moment except when we eat ;-)

Kerstin and me in the stamp mark

September 21 Home again and off to the Rheumatic association for even more education but this time it was me educating them :-)

 September 22 Rest

 September 23 Work

 Today I have been to the eye doctor to check on my eyes. They were good!

 Tomorrow I will go to my hairstylist, long overdue.

 That's it folks. It was quite long this although I said I shouldn't write that much ;-)

 Oh, I forgot. H.E.A.T is done recording their new album and are home now for 2 weeks but on Tuesday they go on tour to China!! How about that? I think 11 cities in 10 days or something like that. Then they will return home for a week and then off to Nottingham and Firefest. Then home again for a week or so and then off to France!! Go H.E.A.T GO!

 Over and out. Take care everyone.