H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 31 augusti 2013

Saturday August 31 - last day of summer?

OK here I go again :-)


Where did I left off? Yes, at last weekends fireworks :-) Fantastic! And so unexpected. I started to see that something was going on around 830PM when several police boats came and sealed the area from other boats. I thought something had happened but as the time went on more and more small boats gathered and then at 10PM a big boom came and it all started and kept going for 15 minutes. And we were at the front row :-)
Hasse at Boule & Berså where we had coffee (me) and beer (Hasse) in the beautiful weather
Me in front of "our" hotel
I loved the ship - Brilliance of the seas - and I wouldn't mind going with her, at all. It was the first time that I've been on a cruise ship viewing and the guide have been Swedish! They usually have someone onboard, information/guestservices or something but this time a Swedish guy from Scania. He does work with RCCL and has done so for 8 years.
The pool area outside on Brilliance of the Seas
The casino on board, not Las Vegas but quite big.
Captain's table where you can have a gourmet meal
The cruise ship from below

Then this week has just been work Monday-Wednesday, nothing out of the ordinary but fun :-) I'm planning something with my boss but it's a big secret and I can't even write about it here if someone from work reads this.

A beautiful and peaceful morning when the sun just came up

Thursday I went to my Doctor to see how I was ;-) All bloodtests regarding cholestorol and sugar was great. No worries there which is great. I mean I have so much else on my plate that I don't need that too. I have a lot of inflammations going on in my body but there is nothing to do about that except taking pain killers and anti inflammatory medicine. These things pops up now and then because of my diseases. This summer, though a very nice one, has been really bad. I think it's due to the hot weather and high humidity. Several of my friends have been worse too.

I was looking for a picture symbolizing pain when I found this. So true and something you tend to forget, don't you?

Yesterday, as I told you, I went to see Mandy and give her the birthday gifts. I bought her a very nice bracelet from New York, also a scented candle (kind of big), a glass votive and a potpurri. I think she really liked it.

Later she was to fetch Jonas at the airport. He's taken a break from the album recording to come here and celebrate both Mandy but also 2 of his friends that have turned 30. He will go back Monday morning to continue the recording.

Here's a video they have uploaded, enjoy:

H.E.A.T - studio diaries

Today it's Saturday and we are getting ready for "Melodikrysset" which is a program on the radio where you solve a crossword which consists of question involving music. All kinds of music from way back to this day. We always do that every Saturday but we have never won anything though I think we have sent it in for at least 10 years every week!

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll to write more but I'm afraid next week is also crazy. We have a conference Thursday to Saturday on a cruise to Helsinki and I'm partly responsible arranging the trip and also doing some education.

So wish me luck with that.

fredag 30 augusti 2013

I'm still here....... ;-)

I know I have been a bad girl not writing for so long but so much has happened and I don't seem to have the strength to write. It has not been all fun and party but of course that too.

When I last wrote I was on my way to New York. Two days before I started to get sick. Hasse had been ill for a while and got antibiotics from his doctor. Fever, coughing and so on. So I asked Helen to prescribe the same for me which she did but since I had the allergic reaction a couple of weeks ago I didn't take any before the flight. Everything went well with the flight. I was upgraded to Business, thank God! I had the wonderful company of a 90-old lady from Sweden who now was both American and Swedish citizen. She had had the most exciting life and she invited me home to her on East Manhattan, river views, for a glass of wine.

We arrived at Hilton New York Midtown which is a huge hotel. We had a suite on the 42nd floor with views over Central Park. Great view and a very spacious suite. We also had complimentary breakfast and evening meal in the executive lounge which was great. We could start our days in peace without having to run out on town and find breakfast.

I didn't feel well at all and the first afternoon we, of course, went down to Times Square but I could hardly walk home :-(

We decided to take a boat sightseeing, the day after, around the whole of Manhattan. It was a great tour and the weather gorgeous but too hot for me. I burnt my skin in the sun, of course! I didn't think I would need sunscreen when visiting a big city.

In the evening we saw the Phantom of the Opera with Swedish Peter Jöback in the leading role as the phantom. We had great seats on the first row and we saw down to the orchestra. We were so close we could even see the actors spit when they sang ;-) How about that for close-up?
Great, great musical which I now have seen 10 times. I never get tired of the wonderful music and the story.

Next day Helen and Bianca went for a 10-hour shopping spree. I then had fever and stayed in the room most of the day. I started the antibiotics and later in the evening I started to feel better. Did I tell you I lost my voice on the flight over to NY. By the time we landed I could hardly speak and when we reached the hotel I had to really try hard to get something out. But after Friday my voice started to come back slowly but steadily.

I did went out for short walks and to eat, but it isn't nice to be sick when you're on just a short stay (5 days). I did go for a walk in Central Park and when I went back I went down 5th Ave for a while. At the beginning of 5ht Ave there is a little park with a fountin and across the street the Apple house. There were these heavily armed policemen, lots of them, police cars and I don't know what. I have no idea what it was all about but I left quickly. Kind of scary.

Anyway Saturday there was a market on 6th Ave which meant they closed the avenue which was full with market stands which sold almost everything and of course a lot of stands that sold food of all kinds.

We did a lot this day and in the evening we went for Helen's birthday dinner at Quality Meats. Great food, wonderful meat but awful seating. They had called from Hilton and made a reservation telling them that we celebrated my sis 50th birthday. But nothing extra, no congratulations and certainly not a good seating. We were seated just by the kitchen where all the staff stood waiting for the food. I'm used to, when I have been out with Jo, that there is something given, a cake with a candle, a song or something. But here nothing. So dissapointed but the meat was good :-)

The trip home was long and I was only upgraded to Economy Plus this time but still much better than economy. We arrived at 640 AM and I had taken the day off, went to sleep for 1 1/2 hour then I was up until night and the next day work. It really went well. I wasn't at all jetlagged. Maybe because it was a direct flight.

Then Wednesday lot of work and also with the Rheumatic ass. and the same on Thursday 22nd.

Last Friday I went on a ship viewing, Brilliance of the Seas. Hasse couldn't come since he didn't felt well. But afterwards we met at "our" hotel where we stayed for the night. I had been away from Hasse so much that we needed some alone time together. It was very nice and we had a gorgeous dinner. Then at 10PM it was the most fantastic firework over Stockholm. It was the amusement park Gröna Lund celebrating its 130 years.

I will write more but now I'm off to celebrate Jonas girlfriend Mandy who turned 22 yesterday :-) I will also place some photos then.

To be continued....................

måndag 12 augusti 2013

100-year old party, H.E.A.T and NEW YORK!

Since I last wrote I have been to the 100-year party in Gävle which was on, probably, the hottest day of the year - 31C and this time it's on the plus-side ;-)

Good food, drinks, laughter, singing and dancing. It was a great night. We stayed the night at a hotel since the house already was overcrowded with family and friends sleeping over.

Work again Monday until Wednesday and then on Wednesday afternoon I and Helen put our Mom to the final rest besides Olle. It was a very tender and fine moment when we placed the urn in the grave. We also planted a rose on the grave.

After that we went to Ulriksdal's Inn where we had a nice dinner while overlooking a horsepadock and a lake which is right by the Inn. The Inn is actually in the same spot as Ulriksdal castle and is a gorgeous place.

After eating I gave Helen a gift since she turned 50 the next day. Can't believe my little beautiful sister is 50. She doesn't look it at all! She's the best, so empathic, generous and thoughtful and I love her

On Thursday I met my friend who I spent the road trip to Helsingborg with. This time we visited a mansion for lunch. Pretty good and a stunning location. Tell you more about that later on.

Then on Saturday I had all my sons home. It was a kind of goodbye dinner since Jonas and H.E.A.T will enter the studio today and record their 4th album. After that they are heading to China for a tour and straightly after going to Nottingham and Firefest. I'm as you can understand very proud of the guys!

So this dinner was the last chance for a long time to see them. I'm of course proud of Emil and Danniel too. They have achieved so much this last year and keep doing so. Danniel has began a new life and has lost a lot of weight. He's out cykling and walking every day.

Emil too has started to cykle and walk and has come such a long way since last summer. He's now a rawmodel to others and maybe he, in time, will be able to share his story with young people maybe in schools.

Now the next big thing for me is that I go to New York on Wednesday morning with Helen and her daughter for an extended weekend. We will be in NY for 5 days and will be back on Monday. One thing, which is one of my presents for Helen, is that we have great tickets to see Phantom of the Opera with Peter Jöback (his last week on Broadway). I have after that seen the Phantom, I think, 10 times and I have also seen Peter Jöback in the role as the Phantom in London and now in NY. I love the musical which you might can tell ;-)

I will try to take photos and place on Facebook for you too see.

Have a great time. I'm sure I will :-)

torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Finally it's here!

I have been asking, testing the wrong kind and longing for this and finally yesterday when I went to the store - it was there!!

The creamy Havarti cheese that I always have in La Mirada for my breakfast toast. Now I can buy it here and think back on wonderful days together with my family in CA <3 p="">
Just wanted you to know :-)