H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 28 mars 2013


I just wanted to wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER!

I hope you will have a great holiday with lots of good food and lots of candy ;-)

Here in Sweden they said today on the radio that we eat 6 000 ton! of candy during Easter. How about that?

Tomorrow Danniel and Emil is coming over for dinner since it's Good Friday.
On Saturday we are having Easter lunch and then I'm going to the Royal Opera in the afternoon to see Giselle.

Sunday we go to Gavle to celebrate Easter but also Oscar who has birthday.

Jonas is on tour in Finland with H.E.A.T and comes home on Monday to be home for a couple of days before the European tour.

So you can see we are all fully occupied ;-)

And as I said in the beginning HAPPY EASTER!

tisdag 26 mars 2013

Step competition

I don't think I have told you that we have a step competition at work? Anyway we walk for "Save the Children" and every 7000 step we donate a certain amount so we try to walk as much as we can.

We can make our own route so we actually can see how far we've gone. I first choose two places in Sweden but decided that was boring. So instead I said I would walk from LAX to La Mirada. OK, I did that in 4 days so now I'm on my way to San Diego. I'm at the moment somewhere between Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel :-) In 22 days I have walked 83 km!! That is quite good for one like me, with inflammations in the pelvis and with sever pain every step! But of course I'm as stubborn as a donkey ;-) so I keep walking.

One of my co-workers is already in La Jolla and one is at Dana point (beautiful).

The last day to register is April 7 (Hasse's birthday) and I still have 117 km to go so I won't go the whole way but still I'm proud of me being able to walk this much.

Just to walk in your home and not anything outside, for me, is around 1,5 km a day which is quite a lot I think and something you never think of.

Take care and I hope to write more later this week.

lördag 23 mars 2013

I'm still here... ;-)

There has been a lot going on lately even more than usual and I haven't had the energy to write my blog so here's an update.

Since I last wrote we (my job) have been to a wonderful dinner together, after the Annual meeting of shareholders. I had suggested a couple of restaurants and we choose one called "Restaurant Shvejts", yes that is how Suisse sounds in Swedish. So the dishes were Suisse. We had a wonderful fondue of fillet and others also had cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Very good, very familiar feeling and very small! Good choice :-)

We were supposed to go to dinner at our friends house last Saturday but unfortunately they got sick so it was postponed.

Train 1 class
Then on Sunday I went to Malmö by train which is always nice. I attended an education in administration of salaries and personnel. Very interesting.
But on Sunday I met up with my Mom's cousin, 85 years old but so much younger in mind and spirit, and I treated her with dinner at my hotel. We always have so much to talk about and we laugh a lot :-)
My Mom's cousin 85 years old and beautiful

Then Monday the course started and I went there by foot. It was so windy you can't believe. I think it was almost hurricane winds in the gusts. I'm a steady woman but even I had a hard time not falling when the wind caught me.
We also had to walk for 15-20 minutes to the lunch restaurant and that was hard too. The restaurant was situated very close to the sea where it was even more wind.
Turning Torso in Malmö

The next day we were supposed to go there too but after a snowy, windy night I couldn't do it. I had so much pain in my pelvis and groins so I said I would stay in during lunch break. But they found another restaurant just across the street where they had never been before. Gorgeous food, salmon, and a beautiful view over the canal and only 3 minutes to walk. Perfect!

Home again Tuesday night, late. Hasse was a darling and fetched at the train station in Stockholm. And the next morning I was at work at 6AM as usual.

Thursday we had our annual meeting with the Rheumatic association and I was voted treasurer.
A funny thing happened just before the meeting. I had parked my car on a street a couple of blocks from where the meeting was held. When I went to the parking machine to pay I started to insert my credit card when I saw there already was a card there. Someone had forgot their credit card in the machine!
What to do? I called the police and asked them and she asked if I could come to the Police house on Kungsholmen which is quite far from where I was so I said no, I'm on my way to a meeting. Then the police said I could try calling the person. So I called Eniro and asked if they had a number to XX and when I explained what had happened I got 3 different numbers to this person. Luckily she didn't have an ordinary name.
So I called the number and I asked if she was missing her credit card. It was totally quiet and then she said: Oh no did I forget it? Is it from the ....Bank. I said yes and she said she had been in such hurry to a doctor's appointment.
I told her where I was and she said she would call afterwards and so she did. I met up with her and handed over her card. She was so grateful and she had even bought me a boquet of tulips :-)  That was so nice of her.

This weekend I'm cooking for my workmates. It's my turn on Monday and I can't write here what I'm going to do (if someone reads it ;-)) so I have to tell you afterwards.

Otherwise this coming week is Easter week and as I said to Hasse today I really miss not being in LA this time of the year. It's usually Easter I go over to see my sister and family. We still have snow here and I could really do with some lovely weather.
Easter 2011 in La Mirada :-)
Oh, I think I told you last time that H.E.A.T will play in Uppsala and record for the Swedish National Radio. I have got my tickets now!! :-) So looking forward to seeing them again. They have a new video out - super good. Here's a link to the video:

H.E.A.T - In and out of trouble

So to all of you, if I don't write before, HAPPY EASTER!!

måndag 11 mars 2013

Rock of ages, New York and more

Saturday we went to see Rock of Ages here in Stockholm. Me, Hasse, Emil, my sis Helen and her family all went and we really had a great time. I really enjoyed the musical and anyone who loves the 80s and the rock music will love it.

In the evening, yes we went on the matinee, it was the final of the Swedish Eurovision which I watched on TV this year. Last year me and Helen was at the finals in person thanks to me winning a contest :-) Here are links to the VIP event:

V.I.P event

Melodifestival V.I.P pre party

What is more? Well, just that we are going to New York in August. That is me, Helen and her daughter Bianca. We will stay for 5 days and will go shopping, see musicals and more :-) and work.

On Thursday I'm going to dinner with my work. We are going to a Swiss restaurant and most of us will have beef fondue, yummie.

Then on Saturday we are invited to dinner at our very good friends in Märsta.
And on Sunday I'm off to Malmö where I will attend an education for two days. But I'm travelling down on Sunday which will give me a chance to see my Mom's cousin.

And I almost forgot ;- ) H.E.A.T will play at Katalin in Uppsala and the concert will also be recorded and sent on Swedish National radio P4 live. Of course I will be there, did you think otherwise?

H.E.A.T at Katalin 

That's about it apart from me having pain again :-( but that's another story.
Take care out there. Talk to you soon :-)

söndag 10 mars 2013

Busy, busy....

I thought I would have time to write today but it seems I don't have that :-(

I'll try to write tomorrow instead. You know what they say if you wait for something good you can't wait too long ;-)

Here's something to rise your curiousity:

H.E.A.T 4th of May

Be sure to be there since this is live on P4 Sveriges Radio :-)

OK, talk to you tomorrow. Meanwhile take care!

söndag 3 mars 2013

Vasalopp Sunday

 Here's some of the skiers on their way up the first hill

Nothing much has happened this week. Just ordinary stuff like working, cooking etc.

I did go to my hairstylist, Suzanne Clausen on Wednesday and you might have seen my new hairdo on Facebook. I really liked the new color. I have very light highlights in
the hair which makes me look very goldy blond.

The night to Wednesday Jonas, Mandy and their friends returned from Thailand. They were supposed to land 0.55AM but didn't arrive until 01.55AM. I was awake until 1 AM watching if the plane would be more delated.
Hasse was the one going out to Arlanda fetching them.
They had had a great time and Jonas strongly recommended us to go there.
I don't know, I'm more drawn to going west :-) Wonder why ;-)
From Thailand - doing faces :-)

Anyway today is one of Sweden's big days. Vasalopp day. I'm not sure you have heard of it?
It's a skirace over 90 km! Yes that is the longest skirace there is. It starts in Salen and ends in Mora. It's said to be the way Gustav Vasa went to warn the Dalkarlarna (men from Dalarna). That's why it's called Vasaloppet (loppet=race).
It's a mighty view to watch 15 000 skiers start at the same time. Always 8AM.
Some of them haven't come to Mora yet at 7PM. Think about that 12 hours skiing! I had 2 friends skiing today and they did great. One did his 32 (!) race and the other one his 6th I think.

Here's some of the skiers on their way up the first hill

Some of the contestants at the goal - Mora
Even the CrownPrince of Denmark skiied - to the right in red